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We Ask The Right Questions And Deliver Actionable Insight
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We Bring A Unique, Fresh Approach To Make Informed Decisions
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The Results:
Customer Alignment. Customer Intimacy. Customer Loyalty
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We answer the
who, what, when, where, why and how.

The key to any successful research engagement rests on the ability to dig deep. We conduct unbiased, one-on-one telephone interviews with all key decision-makers and influencers.


The Process

Graff Group gets to people that provide insight, truth, understanding and knowledge. Deliverable: strategic, actionable direction.

B2B Audience

Graff Group engages with key opinion leaders, C-level executives and other decision makers as well as prospects. Our clients trust us with their most intimate client relationships.


Graff Group uses powerful market intelligence tools to provide clarity and direction to product development and sales effectiveness and gives greater insight into achieving radical customer engagement.

Gain Insight

Connect with the Graff Group. We'll provide market intelligence necessary for your critical business decisions.

Our Clients

We serve entrepreneurial companies as well as prominent market leaders. Our clients trust that we will continue to keep their best interests at heart.
We respect our clients' confidentiality and therefore, client testimonials or case studies are not provided.

Below is a partial listing of clients who we have had the pleasure of serving:


What Clients Are Saying

" We wanted an objective perspective on why our sales were soft. We kept hearing our pricing was out of line. The Graff Group took a hands-on approach with our lost business to get a solid grip on the issues. We learned that our product was missing the mark on two important requirements. We modified our specs and revenues started to turn around. I'm not sure we would have identified those requirements without their help."
manufacturing industry
" The Graff Group interviewed a dozen practice leaders and leading benefit consultants on our behalf. The insight they gleaned gave us what we needed to structure a strategic change in our business model. Their PowerPoint made its way all the way up to our CEO. "
Vice President Marketing
healthcare analytics organization
" The Graff Group took the time to understand our business and our culture. As a result they brought great credibility to the table. They demonstrated they had our best interests at heart. In today's world that's highly valuable. "
Director of Customer Insights
financial services organization
" We trust the Graff Group as a valued resource. They return our calls within minutes, not hours or days. I think they set the bar for responsiveness. More importantly, they get to people that other research firms aren't able to. Not only that, but they are able to engage physicians in open and honest conversations. "
Manager, Market Research
medical device manufacturer
" They met with our senior leadership to discuss the merits of conducting Win/Loss interviews. They were refreshingly real and very quickly got up to speed on what was important to us. "
Director Sales & Marketing
healthcare services industry
" The Graff Group has a real 'can do' attitude, a classic Midwestern mentality. They never give up until they've turned over every rock and have the assignment completed. We trust them. They're attentive. More importantly, they've been able to engage C-suite healthcare executives and other VPs that other firms just couldn't get to. "
Vice President Marketing
healthcare services company
" Our team was reluctant to have an outside firm contact our clients, but the Graff Group has built quite the reputation within our organization. We've worked with other market research firms over the years and no one nailed it like the Graff Group. They've won us over early just by getting to people no one else could. "
Director, Strategy and Market Planning
medical device industry