What we do

We provide insight to help you better understand customer audiences in a deep and intimate way. Our insight allows you to create strategic solutions to deepen, expand and solidify business relationships. We navigate through highly complex environments to identify and converse with critical decision makers and influencers.

We get to key opinion leaders.

For 20 years, our unique abilities have given an edge to many prestigious market leaders. We ask the difficult questions, listen intently and strive to understand the whole truth. We go way beyond the "voice" of the customer and get to the "heart" of the customer.


  • Discovery Audit
    We gain an in-depth understanding of your pain points and opportunities.
  • Collaboration
    Together, we settle on objectives for the research and agree on what you need assurance on before we move forward.As a team, we determine the best research strategy and approach to deliver insight.
  • Implementation
    Conversations begin with those closest to the action: key decision influencers/makers, current and prospective customers, end users, channel partners, KOLs and industry experts.Analyze feedback looking for the heart of the insight. We tell you the "story".
  • Solutions
    We create sound, actionable recommendations focused on alleviating pain points and maximizing opportunities.


We engage people to provide you with the insight needed to move ahead.

  • KOLs and market/industry leaders
  • Board members
  • C-suite
  • Executive leadership
  • Middle management
  • Physicians, pharmacists, nursing staff
  • Attorneys, engineers, scientists
  • Dealers, distributors, brokers, agents
  • End users


Win/Loss Analysis

A Win/Loss Analysis is a B2B research tool that gives you the highest quality information fast and cost-effectively. We tactfully find out, from the mouths of your current and prospective clients, why you did or did not make a sale. It's the ultimate bottom-line business report. It targets the specific people that make the purchase decision. Pros, cons, likes, dislikes, competitive advantages and disadvantages are revealed directly by the people you're trying to sell. As an objective third party, it's not unusual for the Graff Group to hear things that a sales contact wouldn't. And the results are insights against which you can take action.

New Product Development

We ask users and the people closest to the sales process what's required to roll out a winning new product. We gather user requirements, channel requirements, service requirements. We test reactions to "black box" concepts and touch and feel prototypes. We watch as people use your products and listen for what is said. We strive to deliver feedback that is actionable and on target to best mesh products and services with market needs.

Product Enhancement

Once your product is in the market, we dig in with users to learn what's working and what's not. What needs to be totally revamped…where just a "tweak" will make the difference. How bundling the product with another will accelerate adoption. We help you manage your product lines throughout the life cycle.

Customer Loyalty

Your best customers can be swooped up by competitors and many times you're caught off guard. Our clients use our services to check in with the customers they consider to be loyal. We intervene to better understand the depth of their loyalty as well as identify any cracks where a wily competitor can begin to gain a foothold. Don't be surprised again.

Due Diligence

You want to acquire a company, a division, a channel, a brand. We do the work to help you better know how customers and prospects perceive your acquisition target. And, we'll deliver insight on what you're purchasing…strengths, weaknesses and question marks. Don't go to the table blind. Be informed.