Dave Graff

Dave Graff

Ever the “make it happen” executive, Dave is excited to be stepping into NEW opportunities.  One of Dave’s newest opportunities is serving as Carol’s agent to secure a publishing contract for her recently completed memoir, Six Kids and a Ping-Pong Table.

As president of the Graff Group, Dave was responsible for delivering market intelligence to clients, helping them better understand their customer audiences. With his successful expertise in senior-level sales and marketing experiences, Dave employed in-depth interviews and win/loss analyses to fill in market research gaps and create actionable insights. Dave was solely focused on helping clients retain more customers, win more business and grow market share.

Prior to co-founding the Graff Group in 1993, Dave held senior-level sales and marketing management positions at Eli Lilly, Stryker, Mallinckrodt, and Abbott Laboratories. Dave earned his bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Western Michigan University.

Never letting his imagination rest, Dave had the idea to design/build Playboards for toddlers. He built his first prototype in 2017 and a year later founded Playtime Tech where he currently serves as Founder and Board Chairman. This non-profit charity provides Playboards at no cost to Children’s Hospitals, Ronald McDonald Houses, and other nonprofit organizations across the US. His audiences are toddlers and special needs kids (www.playtimetech.org). Dave’s goal is to make kids smile no matter their health situation.

Always an athlete, Dave picked up pickleball quickly after years on the tennis court. He recently became a PPR-certified pickleball instructor focusing on players new to the game and seniors. He also intends to introduce the game to kids/teens in neighborhoods all around the Twin Cities.